Benefit of Kefir – Good Probiotic for Gut Health

Kefir is the latest topic in the health and nutrition forums, discussions and coffee table chats as being another source of probiotic. It is popular because lactose intolerant or people who are allergic to dairy can now have another natural source of probiotic for healthy gut balance. How is it different from yogurt? Can it […]

Best Pricing in Skinshare.SG – Psorzema Cream – Soothing cream Relief for Eczema & Psoriasis

Derma e is one of the largest natural facial care brands in the US. Its products are 100% vegan, GMO-free, cruelty-free, free of parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, free of propyl ingredients and sodium lauryl sulfates, and uses no mineral oil, lanolin, or artificial colors. Dr. Linda Miles, derma e’s VP and formulator, uses the philosophy that “nature knows […]

How to treat bacterial infection for eczema wound

Mum improves baby eczema in 3 days without steroids

Most eczema sufferers are advised to follow that the correct skincare regime and thus, trying many different products. Sometimes, finding the right natural product and skincare regime helps. Here is how one of our reader found her relief after many years: July 2017 Background : A reader consulted us on the correct skincare to use […]

Where to Buy Emu Oil in Singapore

Y-Not Natural Pure Emu oil can be purchased online at You can also buy it at several stores and retail outlets around Singapore. Buy emu oil in stores The address and contact number for each of the retail shops are listed below: To avoid disappointment, please call the retail shops before visiting to check […]

Certified Organic Baby Skincare

Mummies are always looking out for natural or organic skincare products for their little one, especially when the little one has eczema-prone or sensitive skin. Sometimes, we are spoilt for choices from the variety of brands and range that is available in Singapore. We are happy to recommend & highlight the features of 2 good […]

How to treat infected skin with SilverSol Technology – Heals Wounds Faster

One very common challenge most eczema sufferers face is how to treat infected skin. Oozing, weeping and inflamed skin are common symptoms of eczema skin which has been infected. Infected skin will tend to be itchy, and scratching it will further aggravate and cause further infection. Studies found that people with severe eczema had larger bacterial […]

Comfortable Bamboo Eczema Gloves

If your hand is covered with dermatitis or eczema, you may need relief or physical glove protection when you are using your hands for dry work or at night. A comfortable glove at night would also help to prevent aggravating your skin from the itch-scratch cycle which tends to be more severe at night. The […]